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For the Filipino Community in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein


Dear Kabayan,


The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in cooperation with Sentro Rizal Berne, invites the Overseas Filipino youth to join RIZAL @160 TULARAWAN Digital Art Contest.


BACKGROUND: The Philippines’ national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was born on June 19, 1861. Every year, the country celebrates his birth anniversary by remembering his life and works. Considered to be a renaissance man, Dr. Jose Rizal spent his life dabbling in different fields such as the sciences, visual arts, journalism, and sports.  However, it was his creative and timeless literary works that truly connected with his countrymen and changed the course of Philippine history.  For Rizal’s 160th birth anniversary, the NCCA’s Sentro Rizal wishes to highlight two artistic fields that our national hero specialized in: visual arts and literature.  With the aim of urging the Filipino youth to reflect on the relevance of Rizal to the present time, Sentro Rizal launched a digital arts contest for Overseas Filipino youth that will draw inspiration from Rizal’s poems.


HOW TO CREATE AN ARTWORK FOR THE CONTEST: Read and reflect on Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems and choose one of his works that will spark an idea for your digital artwork.



  • The contest is open to all Overseas Filipinos (residing outside the Philippines) ages 18 to 35.

  • Participants of the contest are limited to individual amateurs or professionals.

  • Contestants must show proof of their age, and that they are a resident or based overseas upon registration.

  • The Digital artwork must be an original creative artwork of the contestant interpreting one (1) of the poems written by Dr. Jose Rizal.

  • Artist’s Statement / Description of Artwork must:

    • Be a brief statement describing the digital artwork and its relevance to the chosen poem/s.

    • Be written in English or Filipino. If the contestant prefers to use any other language, he/she must provide the English translation of the text.

    • Have a maximum of 150 words.

  • An entry must have the following documents in PDF or JPEG formats:

1. Accomplished Registration Form

2. Digital Artwork with a maximum file size of 10MB with proper label: TITLE OF ARTWORK_Initial of Artist’s First Name and full Last Name_SRSite.jpg



SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: Each contestant must submit only one entry through their respective Sentro Rizal site under the jurisdiction of selected Philippine Foreign Service Posts (FSP). For those residing in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, kindly send a message to Sentro Rizal Berne at bernepe.cultural@dfa.gov.ph.


  • The submission of individual entries to their respective Sentro Rizal site will close at 11:59 PM PHT on 15 October 2021.


Attached are the Registration Form and the full mechanics on how to join the contest.


May we also kindly request your assistance to pass-on this information to those who might be interested.


Thank you.


Very truly yours,

The Embassy of the Philippines in Berne




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